Farmers Jon & Jenna are a young couple on an acre homestead in Gilbert, AZ. We decided to start a large garden in one section of the yard to grow fresh produce year-round. Our garden was mainly inspired by our disappointment with the selection in our local grocery stores. Store-bought produce tended to be old, damaged, lacking in flavor, trucked in from countless miles away, and of course sprayed with numerous agricultural chemicals. We grew tired of paying for poor quality product and figured we could do better and have some fun while we were at it.

The great thing about gardening is that you don’t need a big backyard to grow your own food. It is inexpensive to get started, and we find that it is extremely satisfying to know exactly where your food came from and the process used to bring it to your table. Gardening is a time intensive hobby, but it is pleasurable and rewarding. Our goal is to provide enough basic information in our articles for you to start growing your very own garden. We hope you find our site helpful!

-Jon & Jenna

  • james

    Thanks for all the info will try the relish recipe will let you know thank you the Huttons

  • You’re welcome! Thank you for visiting our site. We’re happy the information was useful for you.

  • james

    The Relish turned out fab! we made it was awesome gave recipe too friends they loved it we will be going back to s.c. to start our homestead soon will look for more info on how to stay alive lol. look forward to learning much more

  • Glad to hear you liked the recipe. Survival is becoming a lost skill these days. Thankfully, homesteading is a fun hobby that encourages resourcefulness and self sufficiency. Let us know if there’s something in particular you’d like to read more about.

  • james

    we will let you know thanks The Hutton,s