7 Ways to Upcycle and Repurpose in the Garden

1. Compost
The ultimate way to repurpose in the garden is making compost. This involves taking organic waste that would otherwise be thrown in the trash, and turning it into food for your plants. You can turn many things into compost, such as certain food scraps, grass clippings, leaves, and animal manure. Follow this handy guide to starting a compost pile and turn trash into garden treasure!

2. Sunflower Stalks
Want an easy and cheap trellis to grow pole beans on? Plant giant sunflowers in the spring and after they are harvested, keep the stalks in the ground and plant pole beans around them in the fall. The beans will sprout and grow up the stalks.

3. Garden Markers
A variety of items can be repurposed into garden plant markers, including silverware, rocks, corks, and clothespins.

4. Cardboard
Layers of cardboard are a great barrier for preventing unwanted grass from growing. If you are building a raised bed garden, place several layers of cardboard at the bottom of your bed before you fill with soil. You can also place cardboard between the rows of your garden to prevent grass and weeds from sprouting.

5. Starting Seeds
Seeds can be started in a variety of reused containers. We have started seedlings in egg cartons, produce cartons, and egg shells. You can also make pots out of newspaper and cardboard tubes.

6. Feed Bags
Upcycle empty polywoven feed bags by turning them into planting sacks. Simply rinse them out, cut holes in the bottom for drainage, and fill with planting medium. I have seen potatoes and lettuce grown in empty feed sacks.

7. Eggshells
Eggshells are beneficial to your garden in many ways so don’t throw them away! Not only are they compostable, but they can also be used to protect your plants from pests. Simply apply crushed eggshells around your plants that are susceptible to cutworms, snails, and slugs. The eggshell will help deter these pests.