Eggtsra Eggshells?

Our chickens are now producing about a dozen eggs a day. That’s a lot of eggshells! Instead of tossing these in the garbage, save them because there are lots of useful things you can do with them.


1. Compost

Eggshells add valuable minerals to compost piles. Wash them prior to adding them to your compost to make sure all the egg white and yolk is removed. Here’s a list of some other interesting things you can compost:


2. Garden

Some people skip the composting and add them straight to the garden. Not only do they add beneficial calcium to your soil, but they can ward off garden pests such as cutworms, slugs, and snails. Again they should be well washed prior to adding them to your garden.


3. Seedling Starters

Eggshell halves make perfect little cups to start seedlings in. Fill the shells with potting soil, add your seeds, and use an egg carton as a holder. Eggshells are naturally biodegradable and will add minerals to your garden when they are planted.


4. Calcium Supplement

We use the majority of our egg shells by feeding them back to the chickens. As hens lay, their bodies are drained of calcium that needs to be replenished. An easy and simple way to provide them with that calcium, without having to spend a dime, is to feed them egg shells. First wash the shells to make sure all the egg white and yolk is removed, then let them air-dry. Once they are dry, place them on a rimmed baking sheet and bake them at 200 degrees for 15 minutes. When they are cool, put them in a Ziploc bags and crush them with a rolling pin into small pieces (small enough that they won’t recognize them as part of an egg, but not to the point of being powdery). We usually mix the eggshell in their food, or you can put some in a dish and they will eat it as needed. If you don’t have chickens then you can leave the eggshell out for wild birds to enjoy.