Green Chile Harvest Has Begun!

We had the opportunity to visit the Hatch Chile Festival this year.  It was great to see the many chile booths, sample the harvest, and smell the aroma of freshly roasted Hatch chiles. Right now there are many places in the valley where you can buy fresh Hatch chiles, either roasted or unroasted:

Get some while you can!

The chiles in our garden have been growing underneath the summer shade, and they have survived the heat so far. We usually get the largest harvest before the Arizona heat peaks, but this year we’ve been picking chiles and peppers all summer. They are really enjoying the shade.

It’s almost time to start planting fall crops!  Which means the horrible summer heat will soon be over. Over the past month we have been getting the garden ready for fall by reforming the beds, tilling the soil, and mulching the walkways for weed prevention. We will begin planting this weekend.