Zucchini Relish & Squash Bread Recipes

So much SQUASH!

If you planted squash this spring you are probably having the same problem as us: we have so much zucchini and yellow squash we don’t know what to do with it all! We planted fewer plants than last year, but we still have an ample harvest. A few squash plants really go a long way. We have not seen too many ominous signs of any diseases like we saw last year. A few weeks ago, we did have one plant whose leaves started to yellow and wilt, and we removed it right away. So far, all the other plants look healthy! We have also not seen any cucumber beetles. We did have a few squash bugs earlier, but we removed them and have not seen any since!

What can you do with all that squash? Aside from grilling it or using it in stir-fry, we found a great recipe for zucchini relish that used up most of our zucchini. Now we can enjoy our zucchini all year long! And we found a great recipe for bread using the yellow squash. You can substitute any zucchini bread recipe for yellow squash.